How often should I maintain my skates?

¿Cada cuando debo darle mantenimiento a mis patines?

The world of roller skating, being as diverse as it is, with different disciplines (classical, line and ice), and with different styles (freeskate, fitness, aggressive, etc.) brings us many physical and emotional benefits. Considering that, like everything in life, it needs maintenance to keep its functional parts, have you ever wondered: How often is general maintenance done?

While it is true that we must consider the use we give to our skates to determine when to do said maintenance, here we leave you some basic recommendations that may work for you.

Advice and Tips

If the use you give your Skates is intense (more than 3 times a week or more than 10 km traveled in 7 days), we recommend that you do a maintenance service every 3 months. Now, if you usually skate more occasionally (1-2 times a week), we recommend doing it approximately every 6 months.

Even though these are recommendations from experts, remember that your skate will be giving you signs that you need to make adjustments even before the aforementioned time, which could be such as abnormal sounds either in bearings or wheels, or uncomfortable sensations when rolling. .

If you haven't used your skates for a while, we recommend a general service, since since there is no bearing in the wheels, the bearings can lose mobility if they are static. Furthermore, if more than 18 months have passed without use, it is advisable to check the structure that supports it, since the plastic, even if it is high impact, can dehydrate and lose flexibility, facilitating some breakage when skating.

What does complete maintenance consist of?

Complete maintenance for your inline skates (Fitness, Freeskate or aggressive), Quads, and, due to the similarity of their elements, we can consider skateboards, entails the following:

• Exterior cleaning: In the case of skates, we must consider the internal boots (liner) and external boots if it is a freeskate or aggressive skate, but if it is fitness, we can clean it as if they were a pair of tennis shoes. For the skateboard, we can use varnish that protects the wood and extends its useful life, and sandpaper. 

• Adjustment of screws on Wheels, Cuff, Broaches, Frames and Trucks.

• Cleaning and greasing of parts that generate movement:  Frame/Truck bearings and screws.

Remember that you can go to any of our 4 branches in CDMX to have your maintenance service done.


If we want a longer life for our skates, greater performance and better

sensations when skating, these services are necessary as long as you consider the use you give them.

Remember that small details make a difference, and if you maintain your skates as they deserve, we assure you that you will have a better quality of skating, avoiding accidents and unnecessary expenses.

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