The Differences Between Longboards, Penny Boards and Skateboards: Your Complete Guide

Las Diferencias entre Longboards, Penny Boards y Skateboards: Tu Guía Completa

The world of skateboarding is as diverse as it is exciting, and for new enthusiasts, the variety of boards can be overwhelming. Here at OmniRoller, we'll help you understand the fundamental differences between Longboards, Penny Boards, and Traditional Skateboards so you can make an informed decision.


Features : Longboards are longer, as the name suggests, and are generally between 33 and 59 inches in length. They are ideal for longer distances and commuting.

Use : They are mainly used for cruising, descents and carving. Their length and stability make them less suitable for tricks and jumps.

Wheels : They have larger and softer wheels that provide a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces.

Penny Boards

Features : These boards are small, lightweight, and made of plastic, making them incredibly portable. They are about 22 to 27 inches in length.

Use : Ideal for short trips and for those looking for a board that is easy to transport. They are not recommended for complicated tricks or skating at high speeds.

Wheels : Like longboards, Penny boards have large, soft wheels that allow for a comfortable ride.

Traditional Skateboards

Features : Traditional skateboards typically range between 28 and 33 inches in length, with a grip surface that aids in tricks and jumps.

Use : They are the preferred choice for street skating, skate parks and for performing tricks and jumps.

Wheels : Its wheels are smaller and harder, offering greater control for tricks, but a less smooth experience on uneven surfaces.

Which to choose?

  • For Travel and Comfort : If you are looking for a board to travel long distances or want a smooth ride, a longboard is your best option.

  • For Portability : If you need a board that you can easily carry in a backpack or on public transportation, a Penny board will be ideal.

  • For Tricks and Street Skateboarding : If your main interest is tricks, jumps and more technical skateboarding, opt for a traditional skateboard.


Each type of board has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will depend on your personal needs and preferences. We hope this article helps you understand the differences between Longboards, Penny Boards, and Skateboards, and brings you one step closer to finding the perfect board for you.

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