The Best Places to Skate in Mexico

Paseo de la reforma patinaje OmniRoller

Mexico, known for its rich culture, cuisine and landscapes, has also become a favorite destination for skating lovers. Whether inline skates or quads, the country offers a wide variety of ideal places to slide. Here we present the best spots to skate in Mexico.

1. Mexico City: Paseo de la Reforma

Every Sunday, a section of the famous Paseo de la Reforma is closed to motorized traffic, allowing skaters, cyclists and pedestrians to freely enjoy this emblematic avenue. With historical monuments and an excellent surface, it is ideal for skaters of all levels.

Skating Parque Fundidora Nuevo Leon Monterrey OmniRoller

2. Monterrey: Fundidora Park

A former steel complex converted into a park, Parque Fundidora is a perfect place to skate. Its wide avenues and industrial views make it a unique setting to enjoy skating.

Skating Parque Metropolitano Guadalajara Jalisco OmniRoller

3. Guadalajara: Metropolitan Park

This vast park is known for its large lake and extensive green areas. Its paved paths are ideal for skating while enjoying nature.

Skating Fifth Avenue Playa Carmen Cancun OmniRoller

4. Playa del Carmen: Fifth Avenue

Although best known for its shops and restaurants, Fifth Avenue is also a great place to skate, especially during the quieter hours of the day. Skating next to the Caribbean Sea is definitely an unforgettable experience.

Skating Park Linear Puebla OmniRoller

5. Puebla: Linear Park

With miles of paved trails, Parque Lineal de Puebla is ideal for those looking for a quiet place to skate. It is especially popular with local skaters.

Skating Paseo Lagos Xalapa Veracruz OmniRoller

6. Xalapa: Skating Rink in Los Lagos

Located in one of the most picturesque areas of the city, this skating rink is the perfect place for beginners and experts alike. The surrounding lakes and abundant vegetation create a serene environment.

Skating Alameda 2000 Toluca Mexico OmniRoller

7. Toluca: Alameda 2000 Park

This park is a mix of open spaces, lakes, and paved trails, making it an ideal place to skate and enjoy nature.

Skating Tips

  • Safety First : Always wear protective equipment, especially helmet, knee pads and wrist guards.
  • Respect the Rules : Some places may have specific hours or designated areas for skating.
  • Stay Alert : In public places, always pay attention to other skaters, pedestrians and cyclists.


Mexico offers an impressive diversity of places to skate. From bustling avenues to quiet parks, there's a perfect spot for every skater. Come explore them and enjoy the magic of skating in these wonderful settings!

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